The Classics 3-Pack!


(3) 32oz. containers of the sweetest flavors that remind you of being a kid at the fair or carnival! We think the grape tastes like bubblelicious grape gum! So good!

Blue Raspberry, Cherry, & Grape


(3) 32oz. containers of the traditional favorites!

Carnival Favorites! Blue-Raspberry, Cherry & Grape Soda

Spun Sugar Shelf Life

What makes our Spun Sugar Detroit so special is its delicate cloud-like texture and melt in your mouth magic. This also makes sensitive to heat, temperature, and humidity. Once you receive your cotton candy we recommend you enjoy it within 72 hours for best results. That being said, if the tubs go unopened they can last up to 30 days. Keep in mind that shelf life is somewhat dependent on how the candy was handled during shipping and the weather/temperature conditions of its destination. Also, some shrinkage during shipping is normal. We are unable to offer refunds, so we want to make sure that you enjoy your candy at its peak. Store in a cool dry place (do not refrigerate or freeze), keep tubs unopened until right before use, and most importantly enjoy our delicious cotton candy!

Allergy Information

Although great care is taken when cleaning the equipment to avoid cross-contamination, please be aware that all flavors are manufactured on equipment that may have come in contact with peanuts & tree nuts. If you have specific allergy concerns, please contact us for more information.